The objectives of the project will be achieved through activities organized in six workpackages. These include Management (WP1) and Dissemination, training and outreach (WP6). The technical work is organized in HPC Software Engineering (WP2), HPC modelling workflows and tools (WP3), Exascale pilot demonstrators (WP4) and Service validation and enabling (WP5).
WP1 Management

This workpackage deals with the administrative and financial management of the project, including the monitoring and assessment of the quality of the project outcomes. 

WP2 HPC Software Engineering

This workpackage will develop the so-called building blocks for the project, identify and solve the bottlenecks that partly or completely affect the performances of the 10 Flagship codes towards pre-Exascale and Exascale and task on co-design, understood as a set of tools and techniques for software and Exascale hardware prototype testing.

WP3 HPC modelling workflows and tools

The aim of this workpackage is to address challenges encountered by applications in attaining Exascale levels which go beyond the immediate scalability issues, maintain load balances in simulations which adapt dynamically and demonstrate the suitability and performance of selected codes on the largest scales, by running real scientific workloads on the latest available large scale systems including the expected Exascale systems.

WP4 Exascale pilot demonstrators

The objectives of this workpackage are to provide geophysical simulations with a potential usefulness for management of geological resources, civil protection or insurance, among others. Reduce the gap between HPC algorithms capabilities and end-users needs (response time, throughput, etc.), provide an easy access to HPC codes for SE Applications and build PD as an end-to-end solution that can be easily compared to the state of the art in the fields of hazard assessment, civil protection or fundamental R&D.

WP5 Service validation and enabling

The aim of this workpackage is to coordinate the effort to make the Pilot Demonstrators available as Pilot Services to a broader user community by improving their TRL above 5 and involve the geophysical community (in coordination and synergy with other pan-European initiatives) and the non-scientific stakeholders (industrial partners, observatories, civil protection authorities, in particular those involved in the project), in the proper definition of the Validation process in the context of geophysical applications, especially focusing on hazard and risk assessment goals. It also aims to validate and implement some of the Pilot Services (those achieving TRL 7-8), by integrating the workflows in the HPC ecosystem and evaluate the resources to enable their operational deployment.

WP6 Dissemination, training and outreach

This workpackage will take care of all dissemination and training activities. It is concerned with the dissemination of the knowledge and results of the project.