AGU Fall Meeting 2019
09 December 2019

ChEESE comes out in full force at the AGU Fall Meeting 2019 in San Francisco, California which takes place on December 9-13, 2019. Eight ChEESE partners present talks and posters while several papers co-authored by ChEESE researchers are also presented.

Andrew Prata from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center presents the poster titled "Fire and ice: Anak Krakatau triggers volcanic freezer in the upper troposphere" on December 10 at 8:00-12:20.

Tomaso Esposti Ongaro from INGV presents a poster titled "Mesoscale turbulence inside coherent structures controls stratification and turbulence generation of pyroclastic surges" on December 10 at 13:40-18:00.

Jorge Macias from Universidad de Malaga presents a talked titled "Faster and faster tsunami simulations with ChEESE" at 14:44-15:10 on December 11.

Marisol Monterrubio-Velasco from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center presents a talk titled "Seismic Shake-e: An open educational application to increase our seismic resilience" on December 9 at 13:40-18:00 and then a poster titled "Seismicity TREMOL simulations based on single asperity ruptures at the Mexican subduction SUB3 region" at 8:00-12:20 on Dec 13.  

Thomas Ulrich from LMU Munich presents "Are multi-fault rupture and fault roughness compatible? Dynamic rupture modeling of the 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikōura, New Zealand, rupture cascade with geometric fault complexity across scales" also at 8:00-12:20 on December 13.

Lukas Krenz from the Technical University of Munich presents "Elastic-Acoustic Coupling for 3D Tsunamigenic Earthquake Simulations with ADER-DG on Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes" on December 13.

Leonhard Rannabauer from the Technical University of Munich presents "ExaSeis: A dynamically adaptive discontinuous Galerkin framework for the simulation of earthquakes with mesh generation avoiding schemes" on December 13.

Alice-Agnes Gabriel from LMU Munich is quite busy at the conference with eight presentations planned:

"Splay fault rupture dynamics and off-fault deformation constrained by geodynamic subduction modelling" at 13:40-18:00 on December 9.

"Landers 1992 “Reloaded”: Integrative Dynamic Earthquake Rupture Modeling" on 14:40- 14:55 on December 11.

"High-resolution integrated dynamic rupture modeling of the 2019 M6.4 Searles Valley and M7.1 Ridgecrest earthquakes" at 8:00-12:20 on December 11.

"Plastic deformation, slip segmentation, geodynamic constraints and seafloor uplift in dynamic earthquake rupture models of the Great 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake" at 14:10-14:25 on December 12.

"Using supercomputers to unravel multi-physics and multi-scale earthquake dynamics and seismic wave propagation: targeting exascale high-performance computing" at 9:30-9:45 on December 13.

"Coupled, physics-based modeling reveals earthquake displacements are critical in generating the 2018 Palu, Sulawesi tsunami" on 13:40-18:00 on December 13.

"Dynamic earthquake rupture across complex 3D fracture networks" at 8:00-12:20 on December 13.

"Spectral Element Discretizations with Implicit Time Integrators on Unstructured Simplex Meshes for Computational Seismology" on December 13.

Other papers co-authored by ChEESE researchers and presented by other partners include:

"Multi-fault rupture dynamics of the Norcia, Mw 6.5, 30 October 2016, Central Italy earthquake, linked to composite kinematic models" at 9:00-9:15 on December 12.