BSC-NVIDIA GPU Hackathon for HPC and AI
25 October 2021

ChEESE proudly promotes the BSC-NVIDIA GPU Hackathons for HPC and AI, which takes place on 25 October 2021 and 2-4 November 2021. This hackathon is part of the BSCTech Hackathons 2021 series.

About this event

Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) is the national supercomputing centre in Spain. BSC specialises in high performance computing (HPC) and manage MareNostrum, one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe, located in the Torre Girona chapel.

The BSC GPU Hackathon is a multi-day event designed to help teams accelerate their own code on GPUs using a programming model or machine learning framework of their choice. Each team will be assigned mentors for the duration of the event. Through the partnership with NVIDIA, this event will provide exciting opportunities for scientists to test their applications under the guidance of expert mentors from national labs, universities, and industry leaders in a collaborative environment. 

This event is promoted by CoE RAISE, ChEESE CoE and CompbioMed CoE.


  • Teams are expected to be fluent with the code or project they bring to the event and motivated to make progress during the hackathon. 
  • No advanced GPU skills required, but teams are expected to know the basics of GPU programming and profiling at the event. A collection of GPU lectures, tutorials, and labs are available for all participants at no fee. Please contact organizers for more information to help you prepare for the hackathon. 

GPU Compute Resource

Teams attending the event will be given access to a GPU cluster for the duration of the hackathon. If participants prefer they can use their own GPU resource at the event.

Event Format

The BSC GPU Hackathon will be hosted online with all times Central European Summer Time (CEST). Each team will be assigned to a virtual breakout room to work with mentors on their codes and will present reports (SCRUMS) on their progress to all participants in the main virtual meeting space daily. 

Attending the Hackathon:
If your team is accepted for the hackathon, registration information will be provided along with mentor introductions and computational resource access.

Accepted teams should:

  • Register all team members for the event.
  • Review the attendee guide

To get a better idea of what the virtual GPU Hackathon will be like, check out this blog post on the first virtual hackathon in the series hosted by San Diego Supercomputer Center. 

Learn more and register:

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