CoEs Co-Design Workshop
12 March 2021

ChEESE partner Soline Laforet (Bull Atos) takes part in the CoEs Co-Design Workshop on 12 March 2021.

More about this event:

The goal of this workshop is to first get an overview of what CoEs think of co-design and what they do in that context and then to build a shared and common view on this important issue. The workshop consists of two round tables where each panelist will make a short presentation that will be followed by a discussion among the panelists and with all participants. The workshop is open to all CoE members.

Session 1 - 9:00 – 12:00
Different levels of co-design, where do CoEs come in?
Panelists: Fabio Affinito, Guillaume Houzeaux, Jesus Labarta, Soline Laforet, Antony Scemama

Supercomputers are rather complex systems built using innovative technologies, both on the hardware and software sides. Therefore, co-design can be applied at different levels: chip, network, low-level software, programming models and environment, libraries or applications. In its design, a computer can also be more general purpose or tuned for a specific class of application. This round table will discuss all these issues and how CoEs can best contribute.
Session 2 – 14:00-17:00
Co-Design for new usage
Panelists : Peter Coveney, Marta Garcia, Berk Hess, Giovanni Pizzi, Bruno Raffin

Exascale computers are very likely to run more complex workloads than present supercomputers. This evolution is mainly driven by the development of data-analytics and the need to couple “standard” HPC computation and sophisticated data treatments. The new workloads will require (co-)design hardware and software tools to manage complex workflows, code coupling, large ensemble runs, (in situ)data-analytics, etc.

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