EGU 21
26 April 2021

ChEESE partners participate in EGU21 through organising and co-organising sessions as well as giving vPICO presentations.

Alice-Agnes Gabriel (LMU) co-organises a session at EGU21 titled "Physics-based earthquake modeling and engineering". The workshop takes place at 13:30–15:00 (CEST) on 26 April 2021. She also presents the talk "A unified first order hyperbolic model for nonlinear dynamic rupture processes in diffuse fracture zones".

Bo Li (LMU) presents "Array based analysis of induced earthquake characteristics using beamforming and back-projection methods in Helsinki, Finland" on 26 April 2021 at 9:28-9:30.

Thomas Ulrich (LMU) presents "Exploring the dynamics of the Dead-Sea Transform fault using data-integrated numerical models" at 16:05–16:07 on 26 April 2021.

Sara Aniko Wirp presents "3D linked megathrust, dynamic rupture and  tsunami propagation and inundation modeling:  Dynamic effects of supershear and tsunami earthquakes" at 09:35–09:37 on 27 April 2021. This presentation is part of the Tsunamis : from source processes to coastal hazard and warning session.

Carsten Uphoff (LMU) presents "The discontinuous Galerkin method for sequences of earthquakes and aseismic slip" at 13:35–13:40 on 30 April.

Steven Gibbons (NGI) presents a vPICO presentation titled "The Sensitivity of Tsunami run-up to Earthquake Source Parameters and Manning Friction Coefficient in High-Resolution Inundation Simulations" at  11:28–11:30 on 27 April 2021. This presentation is part of the Tsunamis: from source processes to coastal hazard and warning session. 

Federico Brogi presents "Optimization strategies for efficient high-resolution volcanic plume simulations with OpenFOAM" at 11:10–11:12 on 29 April 2021.

Marisol Monterrubio-Velasco (BSC) presents a vPICO presentation titled "Source Parameter Sensitivity of Earthquake Simulations assisted by Machine Learning" at 13:55–13:57 (CEST) on 29 April 2021. This presentation is part of the Advances in Earthquake Forecasting and Model Testing session.

Manuel Titos (IMO) presents "Assessing potential impacts on the air traffic routes due to an ash-producing eruption on Jan Mayen Island (Norway)" from the Volcano hazard modelling session at 09:15–09:17 on 30 April 2021.

Fabian Kutschera (LMU) presents a vPICO presentation titled "Linking dynamic earthquake rupture to tsunami modeling for the Húsavík-Flatey transform fault system in North Iceland" from the Linking active faults and the earthquake cycle to Seismic Hazard Assessment: Onshore and Offshore Perspectives session at 15:45–15:47 on 30 April 2021. 

Presentions involving ChEESE partners but presentend by a non-ChEESE members include:

 "Testing Slip Models for Tsunami Generation"

"Earthquake rupture properties in presence of thermal -pressurization of pore fluids"

"Non-planar dynamic rupture modelling across diffuse, deforming fault zones using a spectral finite element method with a non-mesh aligned embedded diffuse discontinuity"

"Cascading earthquakes on a fracture network in a geo-energy reservoir"

"The Seismica initiative: a community-led Diamond Open Access journal for seismological research"