NMEM 2019 workshop
30 June 2019

ChEESE researchers from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) present recent modeling and dynamic rupture methods of SeisSol and ExaHype at the Numerical Modeling of Earthquake Motions workshop (NMEM 2019) in the Smolenice Castle near Bratislava, Slovakia on 30 June to 4 July 2019.

LMU discusses on the influence of initial conditions and parameters on dynamic modelling, earthquake cycles, different modelling methods and requirements for modelling certain earthquake regions (subduction zones, normal faulting, etc.) 

Aniko Wirp presents a poster titled “Investigation of the extent of the Caribbean slab”.

Bo Li presents “Investigating the Back- Projection Method Using Synthetic Rupture Models: Fault Heterogeneity, Array Distributions and Frequency Dependence”.

Thomas Ulrich and Alice-Agnes Gabriel deliver oral presentations entitled “From Subduction Zones to Induced Seismicity - Dynamic earthquake rupture modeling in fluid-rich fault networks crossing space-time scales” and “Coupled, physics-based modeling reveals earthquake displacements are critical to the 2018 Palu, Sulawesi tsunami”.