Wind- Remobilisation Processes of Volcanic Ash Workshop
24 October 2019

ChEESE researchers Arnau Folch and Leonardo Mingari present at the Wind-Remobilisation Processes of Volcanic Ash Workshop which takes place in Bariloche, Argentina on October 23-26, 2019. 

On October 24, Folch presents “Theory and numerical modelling of ash remobilisation” at at 9:40-10:00 (Dynamics and wind remobilisation theme) while Mingari presents "Numerical simulations of ash resuspension using the WRF-ARW/FALL3D modelling system" at 15:00-15:20 (Modeling and remobilisation theme).

The Wind-Remobilisation Processes of Volcanic Ash Workshop aims to gather scientists working in the field of volcanic ash remobilisation to improve our understanding of the associated triggers, dynamics and impacts. The specific objectives of this workshop are: 

  • Compilation of best practices for field sampling and characterization of remobilised volcanic particles.
  • Identification of the critical parameters controlling wind remobilisation.
  • Description of the main input parameters required for numerical modelling of ash remobilisation and deposition.