ChEESE code developers join CINECA GPU Hackathon
22 October 2019
CINECA GPU Hackathon


ChEESE partners recently participated in the CINECA GPU Hackathon which took place in CINECA Rome from October 7-10, 2019. 

Lead developers Ravil Dorozhinskii and Lukas Krenz from the SeisSol team and Natalia Gutierrez and Leonardo A. Mingari from the FALL3D team were there to work on porting and optimizing their codes. Highly qualified NVIDIA mentors worked with the developers side by side in order to help their codes reach Exascale capability.

"I believe that all this information and experience gained during the hackathon are going to help us in development of SeisSol. The new profiling data have already changed our general view and the current strategy to make our code more efficient," said Dorozhinskii.