ChEESE conducts live demo of Urgent Seismic Simulations
24 January 2022

ChEESE PD1 demo

On 18 January 2022, ChEESE organised a live demo of the workflow developed in its Pilot Demonstrator 1, the Urgent Computing Integrated Services for EarthQuakes (UCIS4EQ) integrated with Salvus. UCIS4EQ passively monitors FDSN services for new high-impact events and supports suites of automated end-to-end runs, from an earthquake alert, through HPC simulations, all the way to maps of synthetic ground motion proxies.

The UCIS4EQ User Portal was introduced during the live demo.  It provides an interface to monitor the status of the service and to examine final results. An event trigger was emulated for the 30 October 2020 Samos-Izmir earthquake to activate the service and ChEESE partners followed all the steps of the automatic execution in real time in the User Portal. Results from previous executions demonstrate that suites of high-frequency simulations from UCIS4EQ with Salvus can reproduce the right order of magnitude for a range of observed ground motion proxies, such as PGA, PGV, Arias Intensity or duration.

An introduction to the UCIS4EQ prototype is presented by Marta Pienkowska below: