ChEESE teaches module on Urgent Computing for Natural Disasters to ASEAN participants
12 July 2021

ChEESE EU ASEAN Virtual School


ChEESE partners Arnau Folch (BSC), Jorge Macias (UMA) and Josep de la Puente (BSC) presented a module on Urgent Computing for Natural Disasters at the EU ASEAN High Performance Computing (HPC) Virtual School: System Design & HPC Applications on 9 July 2021. 

Arnau Folch presented an overview of the ChEESE project as well as "Operational Forecast of Volcanic Ash Clouds"; Jorge Macias presented "Faster Than Real-Time (FTRT) Tsunami Simulations"; and Josep de la Puente presented "Urgent Computing for Earthquakes".

This virtual school, which took place from 5-9 July 2021, had a hands-on virtual curriculum taught by foremost international experts in HPC technology and its applications to computational sciences. It was hosted by National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) Supercomputer Center (ThaiSC), Thailand. Students were composed of 60 selected participants from ASEAN Member States. 

This event was carried out within the framework of the Enhanced Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (E-READI). E-READI, a demand-driven instrument that supports ASEAN regional integration by strengthening EU-ASEAN networks and exchanging knowledge and experience in policy areas of joint interest. In addition to engaging with policy makers from EU and ASEAN institutions and Member States, it facilitates ongoing and new dialogues with civil society, the private sector, and other relevant stakeholders across various policy areas. It further strengthens the standing EU-ASEAN Dialogue Meeting on Science and Technology and the EU-ASEAN Strategic Partnership. 

ChEESE had also previously taught ASEAN participants in a training course it organised at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center called “HPC and natural hazards: modelling tsunamis and volcanic plumes using European flagship codes". Learn more here.