ChEESE awarded almost 110M core hours for earthquake, volcano and tsunami research
11 May 2020

ChEESE has been awarded almost 110 million core hours to be used towards HPC-related research in earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis after winning 3 Project Access proposals in the 20th PRACE call. The allocated core hours will specifically be used to support several of ChEESE´s Exascale pilot demonstrators on seismic tomography, volcanic ash hazard and forecast and tsunami early warning. The PRACE awards, which are valid from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, will allow ChEESE partners to access CINECA´s brand-new Marconi-100 and GENCI´s Joliot Curie supercomputers.

On the other hand, PRACE also reserves around 0.5% of the total resources available for their project access calls for Centres of Excellence (CoE). This additional pool will allow ChEESE to access CINECA´s Marconi (500.000 hours), Swiss National Supercomputing Center´s Piz Daint (340.000 hours), GENCI´s Joliot Curie KNL (300.000 hours), High Performance Computing Center, Stuttgart´s Hawk (250.000 hours), Barcelona Supercomputing Center´s MareNostrum (200.000 hours) and GENCI´s Joliot Curie SKL (100.000 hours).

Learn more about PRACE call for proposals for project access: