ChEESE conducts live demo of Faster Than Real-Time Tsunami Simulations
13 December 2021

ChEESE organised a live demo of its Pilot Demonstrator 2 - Faster Than Real-Time (FTRT) Tsunami Simulations on 22 November 2021. The problem addressed in this live demo was proposed by Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN), the Spanish Tsunami Warning Center and co-designed with ChEESE partners from Universidad de Málaga. It included the design of the set-up of the computational component of the TEWS for the Spanish TWS for the Atlantic.

This live demo also held a blind exercise, where the IGN provided the set of parameters for the 135 scenarios to be simulated. The actual scenario was simulated with the addition of some variability associated with the uncertainty in source definition as described in the introductory presentation of the demo. Alert levels were provided within a short time frame. 

View the live demo: