ChEESE partner Jorge Macias oversees GeoHazards special issue "Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Tsunami"
13 April 2021

ChEESE partner Jorge Macias, a senior researcher from Universidad de Málaga, was chosen as the guest editor of the GeoHazards special issue titled "Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Tsunami". Researchers may submit their work until 31 December 2021.

About the special issue:

The present Special Issue on “Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Tsunamis” aims to address all aspects of mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of tsunamis regardless of the mechanism by which they are generated: seismic source, aerial or underwater landslides, volcanic activity, asteroids or meteorological forcing (meteo-tsunamis). Research articles can cover a broad spectrum of topics, from case studies, model benchmarking (lab-based or reporting field cases), description and testing of new models or parameterizations, new source models and approximations, model inter-comparison, HPC in tsunami modeling, FTRT tsunami simulations, application to TEWS, high-resolution inundation simulations, probabilistic approximations (such as PTHA or PTF), IA, etc. Interdisciplinary work related to tsunami hazard assessment and risk analysis is also welcome. This Special Issue aims to collect the state of the art and most advanced knowledge in the very active area of ​​tsunami modeling and numerical simulation.

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