Social media campaign celebrates the ChEESE women in science
11 February 2022

The ChEESE Equality Committee, also known as ShEESE, celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science by launching a social media campaign on the week of 11 February 2022.  Photos and quotes of the project´s female researchers were posted on Twitter and LinkedIn and used the hashtags #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience, #WomeninScience, #howitstarted and #howitsgoing. The campaign concluded with a collage of pictures posted on 11 February. 

The researchers featured include Sara Aniko Wirp (LMU), Laura Sandri (INGV), Beatriz Martinez Montesinos (INGV), Sara Barsotti (Icelandic MET Office), Nathalie Favretto-Cristini (CNRS), Marisol Monterrubio Velasco (BSC) and Marta Pienkowska (ETH). 

Sara Barsotti

Sara Aniko Wirp

Laura Sandri

Nathalie Favretto-Cristini

Beatriz Martinez Montesinos

Marisol Monterrubio Velasco

Marta Pienkowska

ShEESE 2022